Discipline is important

Dear Editor
MY dear African brothers and sisters, let us not spare the rod because the white man said “human rights.” He’s lying to us, he does not spare the rod himself.
He disciplines his household firmly but wants you to believe his PR stunts. Jews don’t even allow their children to have liberty with TV and games and here we are as Africans spoiling our children with loads of fun like games in the name of “loving our children” (women you’re the culprits).
Is it surprising that America has more black people in jail than whites or any other race? I know there’s a huge difference between unleashing your anger and discipline.
As African parents, we know the difference and it has worked for us and we should continue on a proven path and not follow blindly the white man’s PR stunts.
Napwisha mwemakombe yamfumu.
I stand with George.

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