Hands off Chitimukulu – Nevers

ONLY small minds could think that only a leader from their tribe could make the country better opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president, Doctor Nevers Mumba has said.
And Dr. Mumba has urged the people viewing the recent remarks by the paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people of Northern Province as tribal to leave the traditional leader alone.
The paramount chief recently came in the spotlight when he urged the people in his kingdom to ensure they voted in large numbers for the leader of their choice in the 2021 general elections.
Dr. Mumba described the debate as useless saying the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu had the right to give what he called “State of the kingdom address” in order to inform his people to participate fully in the voting exercise so that they could put in place leaders of their choice.
Speaking yesterday in Kabwe when he featured on a live phone-in programme “Power To The People” on Power FM Radio, the MMD leader said, “that’s what every traditional leader must do and those who say he is being tribalist, they are the tribalists.
“I think Zambians need to stop playing this tribal issue, the people mostly who talk about anything that is discussed as being tribal are the most tribal. It is a useless debate in this age,” said Dr. Mumba.
The opposition party leader called as small minds the people who think only their tribe could make the lives of Zambian better and that they had no value for themselves.
Dr. Mumba said such people lacked understanding that one does not have to be a Tonga or Bemba to be president because leadership was from God.
He said the nation’s greatness was not dependant on tribes but on recognising the God-given differences in tribe and abilities which when used in unity could solidify and strengthen the fight for a better Zambia.
“First of all if somebody says I am Bemba and you are Lozi or you are Tonga, it is not being tribal, it’s not Zambians of today who created tribes it’s God, so if God is a tribalist by creating different tribes if that is what you are trying to call tribalism I think you have misunderstood what tribalism is,” said Dr. Mumba.


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