Implementing Covid-19 guidelines

Dear Editor,
LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman “Bulldozer” Lusambo and Zambia Police should be allowed to forcefully implement presidential directives or risk Lusaka being put on a lock-down due to an increase of Covid-19 cases.
Uncontrolled human rights and democracy can be a danger not only to the society but the entire nation and its citizens at large.
We are at a time that the whole world is affected by a global pandemic Covid-19 threatening not only to retard global economies but also a threat on people’s lives.
We have seen developed countries with extremely large economies putting up strict measures in their fight against Covid-19 and instant corporal punishment to offenders and wouldbe offenders has proved to be common worldwide as one of the effective measures put in place in the fight against Covid-19.
Since the first cases were reported in Zambia, President Edgar Lungu addressed the nation where he gave directives and outlined a number of measures to be implemented in our quest to combat the deadly Covid-19.
The Minister of Health, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and his medical team have been working round the clock, away from their loved ones, family and comfort of their homes to ensure that Zambia wins the battle against Covid-19 and people’s lives are protected.
Lusaka was declared the country’s epicentre by the Health ministry with hot spots clearly identified.
Mr Lusambo immediately declared war on Covid-19 and vowed to ensure that Presidential directives are adhered to without any negotiations if the war against the disease was to be successful.
The strategy used by the “Bulldozer” to implement presidential directives to stubborn offenders was more of corporal punishment being practiced by many countries worldwide was the best that saw most beer traders and their customers, including drunks adhering to directives.
This situation greatly reduced the spread of Covid-19 cases to other parts within Lusaka Province and the nation at large.
However Mr Lusambo’s approach was faced with criticism from certain sections in the society among them Human Rights Commission spokesperson, Mwelwa Muleya.
Concerns raised by a small fraction of people have forced our men and women in uniform to casually approach the fight against Covid-19 and the implementation of Presidential directives something that has seen drunks back in action, a situation that will trigger an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.
A check around many liquor places, bars, lodges, hotels and clubs mostly in heavily populated areas revealed that people are back drinking carelessly, not observing social distancing, not wearing masks with no sanitisers or proper hygiene, a situation likely to increase the cases of Covid-19.
Those against Mr Lusambo’s approach against should understand that if the cases rise, Government may be forced to put the entire Lusaka Province on a lock-down, a situation that will be worse economically for everyone regardless of one’s status.
The “Bulldozer” should be supported and encouraged or we risk to see a rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and possible death cases a situation that I’m sure no Zambian would want to experience.

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