Nothing has been fixed yet

Nothing has been fixed yet

Dear Editor

It is without a doubt the younger youths mostly first time voters were the ones who voted for Mr Hakainde Hichilema as they chanted (we want change and Bally will fix it).

This comes after the many promises made to the youth by Mr Hichilema, such as employment and salary increment, as we watched Mr Hichilema during his campaigns flashing a small plastic containing a bit of cooking oil, with a cool calm smile on his face as he assured them all that he would fix it.

The younger youths had been convinced by the gentleman with the plastic that the current state the nation was in was the worst despite the fact that most, if not all neighbouring countries were looking to Zambia for food or other services.

The youth dressed in gowns who voted based on emotions could not be reasoned with because they believed their so-called Bally could fix it without justifying how he would fix it.

A month after being sworn in, the K1, 500 salary increment promised to the civil servants has and will not be implemented but rather the dept swap that the previous Government set up to help the very civil servants has been removed and now all those civil servants owing money will have to dance to the tune. Yes we are in this together.

Zesco tarrifs are about to be increased and the Kwacha which was meant to appreciate by 14 hours seems to be doing the exact opposite.

The presidential jet will not be sold and Mr Hichilema’s trip to the United States this month will not bring anything tangible to Zambia but that’s s topic for another day.

Mr Hichilema has five years to prove to the Zambians that the UPND government was a better choice for the many youths who lined up for them after it assured them that free education was by the corner

However, comparing the previous and the current leadership, so far the start has been the poorest of all. Clearly the white gloves are not working.

They say that experience is the best teacher and we only hope the many youths who voted based on their emotions will have a sound mind in August 2026 when we change governments again.

Bushe mulekutika?


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