‘Its a consultative meeting’

FAZ veep clarifies it is not emergency AGM or ECM

THE Football Association of Zambia has clarified that the suggested meeting to end wrangles in the association is not an emergency annual general meeting or emergency council meeting as alleged by some stakeholders.
On Saturday, Minister of Sports, Youth and Child Development Emmanuel Mulenga said warring football administrators have agreed to hold an emergency annual general meeting which will resolve the wrangles at FAZ.
Mulenga said the outcome of the emergency meeting willl be final and those who will not comply with its resolutions risk being suspended by the government.
However, in an interview Mweemba said the meeting is a consultative meeting involving the aggrieved stake holders, FAZ, National Sports Council and the Ministry of Sports and will be will be chaired by FIFA.
He said the emergency meeting and the emergency annual general meeting have their own rules and regulations to follow according to the FAZ constitution.
Mweemba said the association would be abrogating the FAZ constitution if it was to call for an emergency AGM or ECM without following the right procedure.
“The meeting we agreed on is not an ECM or AGM, It’s a consultative meeting. If you say that we are going to have an ECM, it means you are abrogating the rules because that is not the way an ECM is called.
“The consultative meeting we are calling for is for people with grievances because we have said FIFA is going to chair the meeting and FIFA officials promised that they will come after this coronavirus pandemic normalises,” Mweemba said.
He said the FAZ and the FIFA statutes will be followed even during the said consultative meeting to be chaired by FIFA.
Meanwhile, Mweemba has commended Mulenga for indicating that he is not on Kalusha Bwalya or Andrew Kamanga’s side.
Mweemba said the association expect the minister to be objective as the father of all sports in Zambia.


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