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Kitwe monitors Chinese community

AUTHORITIES in Kitwe are closely monitoring the Chinese Community particularly in Ganerton area to ensure that those who may be coming in are quarantined upon arrival.
This is being undertaken by health officials and Itimpi ward Councillor Mpasa Mwaya. Ms Mwaya said residents feared that the Chinese could be receiving their fellow nationals from either outside the country or within Zambia.
She said that the residents had nothing to worry about as she was monitoring the situation with the help of health officials. The councillor said that when the community received a new person, they were quarantined by the medical team and tests carried out on them.
Ms Mwaya further expressed happiness that the level of awareness on COVID-19 among the residents in her ward was high.
She however complained that despite having the full knowledge about the pandemic, some people were running shebeens while a few churches were not compliant with Government directives to suspend gatherings. Ms Mwaya said that she would also take it upon herself to go round the ward A with a sound system to sensitize the residents more on the pandemic.


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