LICRA joins Covid-19 fight

LIFE Chambers Rehabilitation Agenda (LICRA) has embarked on a project of enhancing measures to prevent infection and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID- 19).
LICRA vice-chairperson Aaron Mwanza said that the project will also put in place measures to mitigate the impact and effects of the pandemic, considering the rapidity at which the virus is able to spread.
“The coronavirus’ risk levels, vulnerability and effects are exceedingly devastating.
LICRA endeavours to contribute in promoting health standards and mitigating the effects of the impact of the pandemic,” Mwanza said.
“LICRA has selected to implement the project in rural areas, urban rural and community spaces that mainly comprise of marginalised households in Zambia that have little or no access to media and rarely get educational information due to lack of interest or lack of access to the information.”
He said the fight against the pandemic needs participation from all stakeholders.
LICRA is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was formed by a team of Zambians concerned about the escalating levels of alcohol and drug abuse among the youths and other citizens in our community spaces and the nation at large.
It’s objective envisions the promotion and improving standards of lives for youths, children and marginalised citizens by educating and empowering them to realize and harness potential opportunities that will help them lead a better life.
LICRA responds to issues concerning alcohol and drug abuse, child and sexual abuse, gender based violence and HIV/AIDS.


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