Yesterday, I felt like the (owner of Flash buses). Like him, I felt like crying from the lack of seriousness from most people in Lusaka in observing the advised Coronavirus prevention measures.
My phone buzzed non stop from 14 hours to 21 hrs with calls from whistle blowers alerting me of places where people were drinking or congregating illegally against the Covid-19 SIs 21& 22.
People were buying booze and drinking in car parks instead of taking home and drinking from there.
The most reported were Bolder View & Kamis in Nyumbayanga, Avondale down the ka market, Novare malls Woodlands & Great North Road, Buffalo Joint in Chalala, Shadreck in Matero, Chris corner in Chilenje etc etc.
Then from church side as if the Bible does not ask all to obey laws of the land, some sneaked to the Humanism Hills at the old Independence Stadium and held church services there for the entire day.
Initially, I was following up leads with the Council police but at some point I said “You know what. They care less about their own lives. Let them be.
Good day.

SandRahils Ibrahim Machima Devil street (Florida) in Emmasdale, there is even someone who is manning the gate.
Michel Abigarl Mbole: Thank you for your concerns. “Please tell the Southern Province people and police officers” to help the people “when you tell the police what is happening in the compound they said we go to council here in Monze they only fear the police officer’s ‘ not ba council ‘please help your friends to work together the way you work in Lusaka. “I’m happy with “still giving you many votes because you are a hardworking man Mr Miles Sampa. I’m worried about this Covid-19 because from the time when they gassed my house I’ve nt been feeling well. I’ m very worried people we are not working together. God bless you and protect your family.
Watson Goodman Banda: I feel your frustrations your worship. But there’s a way to stop this, that’s local lockdown. Lockdown Lusaka, you have a duty to protect people from themselves. Never grow weary in doing that which is good and right.
Matongo Paul Sikabanze: Watson Goodman Banda, I agree Lusaka needs to be put on a lockdown.
Cynthia Namakando Mashewa: People think this Covid-19 is just a small thing….I think even myself if I was to be in your shoes, kuti nafileka fye mwe 🤦🏾 vizifele chabe, apa manje I even hear people debating ati “Covid-19 is better than HIV.” Really guys? Let’s do what is right for our own sake please 🙏🙏
Mwiingu J. Sitemba: Your Worship, social distancing is not being observed, especially the liquor shops opposite Shadricks junction. Last night a police van passed by and all the people who were crowding that area scampered in all areas but as soon as the police van drove away the people came back.
Caesar Moonze: Why not tell Zambian Breweries to halt production for a second. Oh wait they can’t because the government benefits from the firm. Why isn’t there health personnel at all intercity entraces to test people like they do at borders?
Geoffrey JG Mukala: Caesar Moonze, do they have enough testing kits?
Clement Soup Kaywala: Caesar Moonze have you seen any people that drink congregate at Zambian Breweries?
Mable Mulenga: Geoffrey JG Mukala, let them buy, if it was something to do with elections thy would have been blood shedding just for them to win
Phillip Phiri: Sir I feel your frustration, people are behaving very irresponsibly endangering not only themselves but every one of us. Please don’t stop, in fact such need to be whipped.
Mike Mposha Good morning, we feel your frustration but this is exactly what most of us have been saying. If bars, night clubs, casinos with running water, toilets etc have closed why has LCC allowed Liquor stores which you know very well that they have been preten…See More
Thomas Simubali Mankisi Keep up with the great work. Sometimes as human beings, we don’t know what is for our good…
Vincent Chowa The mealie meal distribution in Linda was amazingly defiant of the advice from WHO and the Ministry of Health. That was chaotic.
Patience Kisu Jikundula People are scared of police than corona they are forgetting that it’s their life, FAMILY and others. I can’t just don’t understand why people addicted to BEER fail to buy take away and drink from home. Now it’s addictions to bar
Andrew Jato That is why people have been advocating for just even a partial lockdown of Lusaka. Trust me it’s naivety of the worst kind to leave the option of observing social distance to the people in this country. There’s so much ignorance, arrogance and pardon me, stupidity among us especially in Lusaka. It’s so heart breaking and frustrating
Alexandria Chota Sir please consider the lock down of Lusaka for at least 14 days, other African countries have done it, for example Botswana and Zimbabwe, which are closer to us. Lusaka is where reported cases are, lock down for 14 days.
Lubasi Suya Miles Sampa even pastors in buses must be stopped for now. Some when preaching the spit saliva, in an even he or she is sick she can easily spread the virus. And some talkative commuter spit when talking, we should minimize talking in buses.
Bana Bee Its not only in Lusaka its the whole country. Its like some people are testing the waters or have been miss informed that we are untouchable because we are black or took chloroquin in the past.
Christopher Shanda I concur with you MBS. But also your mealie meal distribution in Linda yesterday was chaotic. It wasn’t well thought out. Better think of another strategy
Musonda Mumba Miles Sampa boss yesterday u were in Kanyama with a magnitude crowd of people amidst was foreign nationals who might have been traveling in to Zambia don’t u think u put a lot of people at risk..in fact those people drink in cars better.
Pamela Nakaluwe Why does the fight for corona seem like a one man’s show? Where is everybody else. Waiting for disaster to strick them act? What a shame.
Thompson J Shamz Lilayi ward in freedom we need authority to come in and see bars are open and kachasu are operating 24/7
Richards Phiri You said they all be no vending in twn but how come it’s there and you been quit but you want to stop others
Maritina Kalemba Mukuka So sad your Worship.. People will always frustrate your efforts but don’t give up on us we beg..Some of us are complying..
Martin Bless Sichone Ati they are careless for their lives but again they will infect those who care for their lives at homes. So it’s not good. Arrested them. In South Africa 50 people were arrested for attend a wedding.
Leonard Biggie Tapera Mungazi Honestly you are really trying your worship, just that people some people act so foolish on this matter. Your duty is to protect your people and do whatever necessary means and don’t give up.
Namakawu Kabali Our mayor, we know it’s frustrating, but they are risking everyone’s life. Please don’t give up. Arrest them if possible. There is zero respect for authority, even there lives.


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