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Stop abuse of govt vehicles – minister

GOVERNMENT transport control units should take their role seriously and stop the abuse of government transport by some civil servants, Works and Supply Minister Sylvia Chalikosa has said.
Ms Chalikosa warned of stern action against civil servants who would be found abusing government vehicles or using without permission.
She directed the controller of government transport to ensure that there was sanity in the management of government fleet.
“Inspectors of government vehicles in provinces and districts should take their roles seriously and do regular inspections to ensure there is no abuse of government transport. I also direct the controller of government transport to ensure that there is sanity in the management of government fleet,” Ms Chalikosa said.
Ms Chalikosa urged citizens to report drivers who abuse government vehicles as inspectors cannot be everywhere to monitor.
“Whoever observes abuse of government vehicles are free to report because if these things are not reported, we will not be aware,” she said.
She said there is need to ensure that the government fleet Management policy is adhered to.
Ms Chalikosa said government would not take it lightly on anyone abusing government transport.
“We are saying should there be reports of these cases, they will be investigated and ensure that culprits brought to book,” she said.
Ms Chalikosa said she takes issues of compliance seriously and would ensure that all reported cases of abuse were investigated and action taken.


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