‘Stop illegal land allocation’

Kaoma Town Council has warned residents to desist from allocating state land to themselves illegally.
Council public relations officer, Mike Daka, said the local authority, working hand in hand with other Government institutions, would ensure that the law was applied firmly on all perpetrators of illegal land allocation.
The warning comes in the wake of illegal land allocation in Mahilo and Kaomandonga area of the Western province district.
“The Council advises anyone interested in acquiring state land to follow the laid down council procedures as opposed to allocating land to oneself illegally. And those found wanting will have themselves to blames,” he said.
Mr Daka said council had the mandate to protect state land and ensure that land was planned for before people could erect buildings.
Meanwhile, Kaoma council secretary Raphael Kamanga has directed all business entities to provide masks to their employees and ensure that only individuals with masks entered their premises.
“As countries globally battle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, President Edgar Lungu on his second address to the nation on coronavirus pandemic made wearing of face masks in any public setting mandatory.
“Against this background, Kaoma Town Council would like to inform all shop owners, marketeers, bus and taxi operators and the general public that wearing face mask in any public setting is mandatory, “he said.
Mr Kamanga said only for those with either medical or cotton based face masks would be allowed to get into public places.

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