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Triplets’ mum pleads for help

A 34-YEAR-OLD woman of Kapamangoma village in Chongwe has given birth to male triplets after she faked abortion to a man who advised her to abort.

Cecilia Kababa, who gave birth to the triplets a month ago, is appealing for help as she does not have enough milk for the three babies.
In an interview, she disclosed that her lover who is reported to be married, refused to take responsibility and advised her to terminate the pregnancy. This happened in Chiefteiness Nkomesha’s area.
“He advised me to abort and I faked it because I saw it to be immoral. He has not been seen ever since,” she said.
She lamented that she was going through a tough time at the moment as she was rejected by the man who fathered the babies. And Ms Norah Kababa, who is Cecilia’s mother, appealed to well-wishers to help her daughter and the babies as it was not an easy task to take care of the three babies of the same age. Some well-wishers in Chongwe who learnt of the ordeal have come on board to help.
Noria Buleya of Chikondi Baptist Church has garnered support from ‘Good Samaritans’ yesterday encouraged the family to remain strong and put everything in God’s hands.
She expressed happiness when she learned that the babies were named after three great prophets Nehemiah, Jeremiah and Nahum. She was speaking when she donated assorted food stuffs, baby milk, toys, and blankets to the babies.


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