The Anti-Chitimukulu propaganda

…a false fabricated facade

Dear Editor,
THE UPND seems not to have come to terms with the reality that the PF still commands unflinching support from its traditional stronghold.
We have also noted that it is a wild goose chase to challenge the PF in the northern circuit. Besides that, it has made headway in the opposition strongholds which are slowly but surely withering away like butter in the Sahara Desert.
The PF has created an impenetrable defence of its strongholds, it defends with concentration and attacks the opposition in its backyard with precision.
We wonder why the UPND can opt to pay willful blindness to the certain southern tribal and partisan traditional ruler who has perennial foul language against the ruling party or anyone who poses a threat to HH’s presidential ambitions.
It is not Zambian to drag their royal highnesses Chief Manga Kanyanta Sosala Chitimukulu to unnecessary discourse.
From the time veteran politician Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba ditched the UPND, the party has reverted back to its tribal tag and they have struggled to launder the tribal tag. It will virtually take forever for the UPND to dilute its tribal trademark.
The UPND is determined to use tribalism to dent the image of the royal establishment and rise to power. The desperation that has engulfed the perpetual losers is deadly than the Coronavirus especially they have to drag the Bemba royal establishment in vain.
If the UPND supporters do not understand Bemba idioms, they can always consult experts in the Bemba language so that they do not misinform the unsuspecting audience.
Our preliminary investigations have revealed that the audio in question was recorded during the run up to the 2011 elections. We challenge the UPND surrogates to dispute that the audio was recorded during the time MMD was in power.
Lastly, we urge all Zambians to rally behind the paramount chief who without any doubt is the reservoir of knowledge.
We urge the UPND and their surrogates to desist from playing divide and rule but employ an issue-based approach.
We know time to put the last nail on their coffin is quickly approaching.
MARVIN CHANDA MBERI, Youth Rights Activist, Chingola.


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