The mining sector is the source of discontent

Dear Editor,
THE mining industry is unavoidably a politically inclined economic system. This is why the six-time loosing Presidential candidate Hakainde Sammy Hichilema wished misery for the employees of Mopani Copper Mines.
The verge of cutting off jobs at the mining hub was seen to be an opportunity for the people championing the impossible regime change to reap unearned political dividends.
However, President Edgar Lungu stood on the side of Zambia by seeking an amicable solution. It is so disappointing to see the UPND surrogates inciting economic hardships on the Copperbelt hoping the political wonder would tilt in their favour.
The tacticians in the ruling party are steps ahead of the copy and paste predictable political approach.
This therefore should be a civic responsibility of the bona fide members of Patriotic Front. While the ruling party has the channel of addressing the media, ordinary members are not restrained from defending the party in the press.
Yes, the party has the media department but the affairs are managed in a democratic manner. No one has the monopoly of opinions.
The party members must continue researching and be able to interpret policy matters. They should be at liberty to defend the party from misrepresentation otherwise lies would go unchallenged and lure the unsuspecting audience.
The happenings in the mining sector needs every genuine party member to ensure the political interests of PF are secured.
It should not be forgotten that UPND desperately needs the Copperbelt to revive its dwindling political fortunes. The people of Copperbelt should constantly be reminded on the sin HH committed when he participated in the privatisation of valuable assets.
The political discontent in the mining sector can be contained with a patriotic citizen who is well informed on policy matters.
Youth Rights Activist.


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