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Tutwa lashes out at Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili should take time to examine the veracity, propriety and effect of statements which are often nonsensical and misleading Government Deputy Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube said.
Mr Ngulube said Mr Kambwili must contribute to safe guarding the lives of people than thrive on the obsession of always attacking President Edgar Lungu.
Mr Kambwili had accused President Lungu of wantonly opening church gathering thereby endangering the lives of the Zambian people to make political gain.
At no time, he said, had President Lungu called onwholesale gather of church congregation, ‘President Lungu was on firm ground advising the Church to follow measures which had been put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”
He told Mr Kambwili to stop rushing to issue statements before reflecting on the national issues which the Head of State highlighted.
Mr Ngulube said it was important that people who were vying for the higher office in the land gave Zambians correct information.
Misinforming Zambians will not make them gain political mileage but instead expose themselves of the lack of knowledge on nation issues, Mr Ngulube said.
“All along when the President has been struggling in the fight against COVID Mr Kambwili was nowhere to be seen and he wants now to capitalise on what is happening to give false information. We want to urge him that he cannot gain political mileage out of this unfortunate situation.
“People of Zambia know that the President has done his best under this circumstance to ensure that we prevent the escalation of the cases.
And also the President did not say that people should just go and infect themselves, he actually strictly stated that the Church must adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines.
“So Mr Kambwili should not pretend that he did not hear what the President said, no one will be allowed to worship unless they adhere to the measures such as social distancing and masking,” Mr Ngulube said.


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