UPND MPs ready to work with govt but …

A NUMBER of UPND Members of Parliament (MPs) in Southern province are willing to work with Government in combating COVID-19 but they are scared of reprisals from their leadership, the PF in Livingstone has said.
The PF advised that if MPs wanted to deliver and take development to their areas, then working with the Government was the best option.
PF’s Akapelwa Ward Chairman Ikuka Muleta noted that elsewhere, even independent MPs were working with Government in initiating development and encouraged UPND MPs to join hands with the PF in fighting the COVID-19.
Mr Muleta said, surprisingly, the story was different in Southern Province where MPs were scared to interact with Government officials when the pandemic was a national problem.
Amidst the COVID-19, Mr Muleta called on UPND MPs to give their best to their communities as it was not just the government’s responsibility.
“The problem we have with our friends is that, they like politicking and taking advantage of the situation to gain political mileage, but we know that some of the MPs are willing to work with us,” he said.
Mr Muleta hailed some independent MPs who were working with Government in sensitizing their communities on COVID-19 preventive measures.
“Let our UPND friends join us, no one has refused them to get on the ground and sensitise our people on the measures and guidelines that government has put in preventing the spread of COVID-19,” he said.
He said that now was the time for Zambians should get united and support each other for their own good.


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