‘Zambezi Magic’s Amooye refreshing

TELEVISION writer and producer Tozya Botha says, ‘Amooye’ a new television show on Zambezi Magic Channel 162 is refreshing as it tells the story in a way that has never been told before in Zambia.
Speaking in an exclusive interview as the creator and writer of the show that launched last week on Zambezi Magic, Botha said the story was created to highlight the lives of three young women in their late 20s, who share a number of stories and challenges that are relatable to the modern Zambian society.
“The show is about three women who are in the late 20s and are trying to discover themselves while dealing with societal expectations. There is one who is in a bad marriage and is trying to get a divorce, there’s one who is being forced to marry a man that she once loved but doesn’t anymore, and then there’s one who is married to a man who refuses to work, she is definitely unhappy but doesn’t want to leave him,” she says.
“It is a reflection of what people go through coz I feellike anyone watching Amooye will either relate, especially the women, they will either relate to what female characters are going through or they will know someone going through a similar experience.”
She says the show which airs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 21: 30 hours on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 is told in a unique way and is easily relatable.
“Watch it because it’s refreshing. It’s a new story and I don’t think there’s a story that has been told like it before. It’s very entertaining, especially from the writing,” insists Botha who on this show works with Jones Nasilele (one of the directors on Ubuntu), Angel Sikumarie, former producer


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