Mask enforcement enhanced

TRADERS and customers will not be allowed to enter markets in Chifubu constituency in Ndola without face masks, says Chifubu Market Chairman, Musonda Mushota.
Mr Mushota said the market leadership had engaged a number of marketeers to man the entrances and exits of the markets to ensure that anyone that had no mask on their face was not allowed in.
In an interview, he said the move had been enforced after putting up a six days notice last week Tuesday.
He said it was mandatory for everyone to wear masks in the country and not only Chifubu alone, thus the move to enforce the measures.
“We have taken the guidelines very seriously and have put up notices that no one will be allowed into the Markets without a mask,” he said.
The Chifubu Market Chairman indicated that the directive was not only for the marketeers or traders but for everyone including customers.
He, therefore, encouraged members of the the public to buy face masks or design some from clean cloths.
He warned that anyone that would not want to cooperate with the directive should stay away from the trading area.
Mr Mushota also stated that children had been forbidden from entering markets and were advised to stay home as they were at higher risk of contracting the corona.
He noted that a number of children were going into the markets to play and simply beg for money.
He said marketeers were also advised to leave their children at home as well as customers who could not provide masks for their children in markets.


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