‘Opposition MPs must debate Bill 10’

ALL Members of Parliament (MPs) must conclusively debate the Constitutional Amendment Bill number 10 as sittings resume next month, says Democratic Governance and Human Rights Advocates (DEGHA).
DEGHA president Gerald Mutelo said opposition MPs should instead stay in the House and debate the motion and be free to walk out during voting if they so wished.
“DEGHA expects the bill to be concluded once Parliament reopens next month because all the law-markers had enough time to engage their people and should truthfully give views of the people.
“We feel the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 should be concluded now with a meaningful debate from the opposition, ruling and independent law-markers. The opposition must debate the motion and are free to walk out if they want when voting,” he added.
Mr Mutelo said MPs have had enough time to engage with citizens in their respective communities over the Bill, hence their decision must reflect the will of the people.
He further advised that the debates should not be based on political finger-pointing but on what the electorate wanted.
Mr Mutelo added that Parliament needed to find means of coming up with legislation that would support the Zambian people and uplift their lives as many had suffered from the adverse effects of the coronavirus.
“It is important that Parliament will resume and tackle pressing matters like the planning and presentation of the national budget as we all know the adverse effects the Covid-19 has caused on the livelihood of Zambians and businesses, some of the taxes need to be reduced, “he said.
The fourth session of the 12th National Assembly, which adjourned sine die on March 18, 2020, in will resume its sitting on June 9, this year.


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