UPND must disown Seer-1 if they are not in an alliance

Dear Editor,
THERE is an apparent alliance between five-time losing presidential candidate Hakainde Sammy Hichilema and Nigerian discredited exiled conman Andrew Ejimadu commonly known as Seee-1.
Seer-1 is no doubt UPND South African branch chairman taking over from Bizwell Mutale who is now a PF mobilisation member. He seems to be one of the foreign-based political actors tasked to influence regime change.
It has been too much of President Edgar Lungu enduring unwarranted criticism from the former man of God who is hiding behind the veil of being a prophet.
The UPND expatriate cadre masquerading as a prophet despite his doing has realised that the popularity of the PF and the President is growing at exponential rates.
Thus, we have the liberty to seek the official position of the UPND to deny that fallen prophet is not in good books with them.
In an event the UPND was entrusted with instruments of powers, foreign greedy characters such as Seer-1 will be the beneficiaries.
Even the freedom that the UPND has consistently been deceiving the unsuspecting electorates is meant to create an enabling environment for invasion of foreign elements. Apart from Seer-1, there are also other foreign elements that have seen UPND as a preference to PF.
It has become fashionable for the former prophet to create the corruption crusade as a way of diverting public policy on this subject. If Seer-1 is concerned and means well, he would have reported the corruption allegations to the Anti-Corruption Commission unlike his social media campaign.
President Lungu has always been consisten in the fight against corruption and embezzlement of national resources. His efforts have been for some unknown reasons undermined by institutions and persons responsible for kicking out the graft.
Under President Lungu’s watch, there is no individual who is a super human or immune to corruption investigations. A classic example are the recent restructuring of the Zambia Police in North-Western Province coupled with the suspension of a very senior member of the party.
There are also a number of former and present high ranking government officials who have not been exempted from the criminal process.
I therefore demand that the UPND should clarify whether they have a working relationship with the disgraced UPND expatriate cadre masquerading as a prophet.
The UPND must make their position known so that the electorates are properly informed if Seer-1 is part of its alliance.
Youth Rights Activist,


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