Chifubu charcoal centre gets facelift

THE charcoal trading centre in Chifubu constituency in Ndola will get a facelift to the tune of K200,000 to make the location convenient for customers and traders.
Kamba ward councillor, Oscar Imanga, said a shelter would be constructed from the 2018 -2019 Ward Development Fund (WDF) of K200,000.
Mr Imanga said there had been complaints from traders in the area about the lack of shelter and were being soaked during the rainy season while they have had to endure the scorching sun in summer.
In an interview, he said he would be meeting the local authority management and other officials to set a date for the project to commence.
Mr Imanga assured the charcoal traders that two plots had already been allocated to set up the shelter not only for the charcoal traders but also for the vegetable traders at the edge of Chifubu township.
Meanwhile, traders at Chitimukulu market in Chifubu called on Government leaders to set up a shelter in the area before the rain season.
In an interview, Ms Jane Tembo one of the traders said most of the traders were losing money as their commodities were being destroyed by the harsh sun and rain.
Ms Tembo said the lack of a shelter was affecting their business as they could not afford to sit in the scorching sun or rain.
Another trader at the Market, Sara Mwale, urged Government to allocate projects equally in order to empower other traders with an enabling environment to trade from.


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