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THE enactment of Bill 10 into law is the answer to chieftaincy wrangles that have rocked the country, President Edgar Lungu has told bickering traditional leaders in Western Province.

The President said this when traditional beseeched him to interfere in the wrangle between the Nkoyas and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE).

This followed a heated debate between traditional leaders belonging to the Nkoyaand Barotse Royal Establishment over recognition and boundary issues when they met President Lungu in Luampa yesterday.

The chiefs who could not hide their divisiveness called the President to intervene in the wrangles that had become deep-rooted.

Some of the traditional leaders labeled their colleagues as imposed chiefs as debate arose on why the BRE was still interfering in Nkoya affairs when the Constitution Court ruling barred them from doing so.

“There are too many claiming to be chiefs when I know only four chiefs in this area,” chief Siwalyondo said during the meeting which was attended by six traditional leaders.

President Lungu, who expressed disappointment with the level of divisiveness among the chiefs said Bill 10 was key to resolving such wrangles.

He said with the current law, government cannot do much to help resolve squabbles that had marred the chieftainship.

President Lungu said Bill 10 was imperative in creating an environment where chiefdom wrangles were resolved amicably.

“There is too much confusion because of the current law. That is why we want to refine it. Tribes have existed peacefully for many years but why now?” he questioned.

And during a meeting with Luampa based headmen, President Lungu said Government wanted to work with the traditional leadership to uplift the living standards of citizens.

He said no Government could exist or survive without the support of the traditional leadership including headmen.

President Lungu however called for coexistence among traditional leaders and expressed happiness that the headmen in Luampa were united despite belonging to different tribes.

“You are united unlike what I have seen among the chiefs,” he said.

The headmen, through a representative, Isaac Ngandalo thanked President Lungu for the massive development being witnessed in Luampa after declaring it a district and the relief food they have been receiving.

The headmen pledged to give President Lungu another vote in 2021, saying he was a God chosen leader.


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