CLEARLY, President Edgar Lungu has been overly tolerant with totally disloyal cabals in sensitive law enforcement agencies Police, ACC and DEC – that have abused the trust he has bestowed on them.

These should have been dismantled at the time President Rupiah Banda disbanded the infamous Task force on Corruption, but which survived by
vigorously campaigning for and eventually claiming credit for the electoral victory of late President Michael Sata, thereby exercising executive power
from the wings.

Indeed, for a while under President Sata, attempts were made to revive the infamous evil “clutch” of thieves and tax evaders resulting in destabilisation of law enforcement agencies, judiciary and other
higher levels of governance.

Although the attempts failed, the scattering of operatives has been left intact in these institutions.

They have actually been assured tenure of office if the “new” regime comes in power in 2021.

These operatives have deliberately refused to investigate clear cases of serious abuse of office and money laundering involving their principals, preferring instead to mount a witch-hunt against politically high profile personalities.

The impunity in the treatment of Lusaka Province Patriotic Front chairperson Paul Moonga as demonstrated in our story is a good example.
They have taken advantage of the free hand to investigate and prosecute, without interference from the President, to perpetuate an aura of rampant
corruption to which many gullible Zambians have succumbed.

It is equally instructive that the President has refused to capitulate to their schemes. They expected the President to dismiss senior officers named, in
publicly leaked investigations inspired by the cabal.

Details of such investigations are published in known cabal newspapers even before the accused persons are made aware of allegations.

These leaks are attributed to State House sources, when in fact they are from within the ACC itself, but like all contrived machinations created by the evil “clutch” these conspiracies have suffered severe setbacks often coming to naught.

Indeed, if there was any matter the President would have ordered an investigation, it would have been in the infamous “secret” Saturnia Pension
Fund forensic audit report.

It remains a great mystery that a forensic audit report ordered by the government should be kept secret, and instead ministers are paraded in courts of law even when public policy consideration would have demanded great caution in view of national exigencies.

The President has not ordered exposure of the report, as the same operatives would accuse him of hounding a political rival.

We know for example that, the Anglo American building, does not belong to the people who are claiming it, and that this building is an iceberg of a
greater scheme.

We also know that a company offering insurance certificate is not an insurance company as required by law and yet the Pensions and Insurance Authority, Police, the DEC and their partners in ACC have found no cause to act in spite of the desperate cries of deprived thousands of pensioners, many of whom have died without receiving their benefits as they pursued matters in courts of law.


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