Apologise for insults, HH advised

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should apologise for insults because it is not in the Tonga culture to use vulgar language in the presence of children, nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakacinda has said.
And the Patriotic Front (PF) media director Sunday Chanda said it was sad that Mr Hichilema used obscene language at a public rally predominately attended by children and mothers.
Mr Nakacinda said Mr Hichilema should be ashamed for issuing insults on a podium where he was supposed to explain what his party would do for people when ushered into office.
He was reacting to the UPND president, Mr Hichilema’s insulting language during a rally in Lukashya.
Mr Nakacinda, who is also Tonga apologised on behalf of his tribesmen, saying that Mr Hichilema was a disappointment.
Mr Nakacinda said Tonga culture does not allow use of vulgar language especially in the presence of children.
Meanwhile, Mr Chanda has described the insults as a taboo and has since demanded for an immediate apology from Mr Hichilema.
Mr Chanda in a statement said the use of obscene language was an offence under the penal code, CAP 87 of the Laws of Zambia and that the Zambia police should launch an investigation in the matter.
And PF Lusaka province Chairperson Daniel Kalembe has also questioned the caliber of Mr Hichilema who could insult openly in public.
He said such insults were not only demeaning to women and men, but a taboo and goes against the so-cial and moral fibre of our culture and society and should therefore be condemned in the strongest terms by all well-meaning Zambians


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