It is African lives, not Black!

Dear Editor,
BLACK Lives matter! Yes, very true, but the biggest problem with us, people from Africa is that we easily fall prey to any idea without sitting down and think.
There is no way an African living in America can be called an African-America? This is a wrong concept, foreign to the African way of liv-ing.
All lives matter, white or black yellow green or brown!
The reason why blacks have been treated like that in foreign lands is that the Africans always want to pretend, proud idiots not shy to bor-row foreign accents. But when they are alone, at night they cry like orphans. For they know where they came from!
For they know that they do not belong to these lands and culture. It is even worse when they travel back to the mother land, Africa, they still want to pretend.
They come from the 1st world where they are killed like wild animals. No God forbid, they are Africans. Trump is not ashamed to be called an Irish. Africans wherever you are, you are an African.
There is nobody to free the minds of an African not even a bullet, apart from yourselves. Tell the world, African lives matter, not black. Not Black! Not white!? Or yellow.
We as Africans are probably the only people on earth and beyond who have accepted to dream, USING THE MASTER’S VOICE! Africans in Africa are you not ashamed, you are also not spared by this complex, you name your children in local names and yet these African Angels can not speak their mother’s or father’s languages! I was named Roy after one of the governors of Northern Rhodesia, Zambia, Sir Roy Welen-sky, I thank my parents who never allowed us to speak English in our family house, it was a taboo, lack of respect. I learnt how to write my mother tongue at elementary school.
Unfortunately today both the African-American and those living on the African soil are same- they have accepted to be called, Black Lives!
They speak in borrowed accents, they do not know what it means, to keep one’s teeth white without tooth paste.
Is Africa, a lost generation or a people without principles?
Africans wherever you are identify yours as Africans, I do not give a damn, I challenge, all of you living outside Africa, brothers or sisters to sit back and reflect. And those in Africa I am sorry, I have kind words for you Black Lives! I am proud to be African and Zambian.
Do not be shy let us debate, African culture is bigger than the rest of this planet.


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