Nevers loss denting real MMD Nakacinda

“NEVERS Mumba and his candidate in the Lukashya Parliamentary By-Election has embarrassed and put the name of, the MMD, into disrepute,” says Raphael Nakacinda.
Mr. Nakacinda says genuine Movement for Multi-Party Democracy members are upset that Dr. Mumba decided to go against their wish and field a candidate whose results have been embarrassing to the MMD as a party.
He says as a party that is in an alliance with the Patriotic Front, it was not necessary to go against the National Executive Committee that resolved not to field a candidate but support alliance partners the PF.
He said Dr. Mumba’s candidate, Mr Christopher Kabwe, who got 114 votes is an indication of Dr. Mumba’s failed leadership and hence the calls for a Convention become so eminent than ever.
Mr. Nakacinda who is a nominated Member of Parliament, adds that the best thing Dr. Mumba can do in the wake of the 114 votes his candidate got is to resign and allow a people accepted leadership to take over.
And Mr. Nakachinda has congratulated the PF for scooping both seats in the last election. – SMART EAGLES


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