Nobody wants to kill HH – PF

NOBODY wants to kill UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and he should stop hallucinating that President Edgar Lungu wants him dead because he has nothing to gain from killing a perpetual election loser, the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF media director Sunday Chanda said Mr Hichilema was just scared of his own shadow because President Lungu has no intention of killing him, apart from bringing to book public assets plunderers.
He was reacting to an allegations by the UPND leader that President Lungu wanted him dead by 2021.
Mr Hichilema was quoted in one of the daily tabloids as saying if anything happened to him, the Head of State should be answerable since he had declared that he plans to go after him.
This follows President Lungu’s remarks during a public rally in Mbereshi that individuals who sold public properties would be followed.
But Mr Chanda said the nation should dismiss the allegations as hallucinations and selfish political tantrums.
Mr Chanda reminded Zambians that it was not the first time that Mr Hichilema was making such wild allegations as he had done that before when he refused to give way to the Presidential motorcade in Mongu. Featuring on BBC’s Hard Talk Programme with host Stephen Sackur, he said, Mr Hichilema had claimed that President Lungu wanted to kill him, but Stephen Sackur laughed at him while reminding him about his violent party.
He added that when he was arrested for placing President Lungu’s life in harm’s way, he still claimed it was the Head of State who was out to kill him.
Mr Chanda wondered how the ruling party and President Lungu would benefit to kill Mr Hichilema who he has described as a perpetual election loser.
He said the PF wanted Mr Hichilema alive in 2021 so that it could send him into political oblivion even if his party’s constitution made him their life President.


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