WE do not have to wait and be told officially by the United Party for National Development (UPND) that Armageddon is upon us.
Its actions send a clear message that indeed, the Armageddon that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema once threatened has dawned.
The brazen acts of lawlessness being carried out by UPND cadres all speak for themselves that the party has declared war against law and order.
After all, is that not what Armageddon is all about, create political upheaval and make the country ungovernable?
The UPND claims it is a law-abiding political organisation, but its actions show nothing to prove that.
For how else could one describe last Thursday’s act of lawlessness when its militia group abducted two police officers in uniform in Lavushimanda’s Mununga area and dumped them some 20 kilometres away on the Great North Road?
Even in everyday life, no one dares attack a police officer in uniform because that uniform represents the state.
According to Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, the over 30 UPND militia group comprising former senior police officers attacked, abducted and disarmed the two police officers of an AK47 rifle with six rounds of ammunition and four teargas canisters.
This is a clear case of an attack on the state and we demand that the culprits must be fished out and face the wrath of the law.
Never in the country’s history has a political party ever attacked and abducted police officers.
He said the two officers who were badly beaten with a hammer, an axe, matchet and fists were bundled into a white Toyota Hilux double cab whose occupants included UPND Member of Parliament for Sesheke, Rome Kang’ombe.
Mr Kampyongo said the firearm was handed back to the officers after they were dropped between Lukulu and Finkuli area over 20 kilometres from where they had been abducted from.
“The over 30 UPND militia group went away with the six rounds of ammunition and four teargas canisters,” he said.
Mr Kampyongo is right to direct the police to speed up investigations into the matter where the UPND militia group in the company of their party leader Hakainde Hichilema also assaulted innocent citizens in Muchinga Province.
We know that the UPND president has never hidden his disdain for the PF government of President Edgar Lungu and his prepared to put his plans of making the country ungovernable in practice.
But he ought to be warned that Zambians would not stand with arms akimbo and let him crate anarchy in an otherwise peaceful country.
In Parliament on Friday, Vice President said “We hope the abduction of police officers in Mpika is not the beginning of Armageddon which has been talked about.”
Speaking during the Vice-President’s question time in parliament, Ms Wina said “The abduction of the police officers is very regrettable. Mr Speaker, it is very regrettable that things like this can happen in our country and maybe this is the beginning of the stage of turbulence that we have heard about.”
We have always said politics should be about winning the confidence of the public through debate and not by beating your rivals.
We trust therefore that even as the country observes the national day of prayer today, Zambians will pray for all politicians and their supporters to realise that they are one people with a common destiny.


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