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ZAMBIA and the music fraternity has lost budding musician by the name of David Phiri commonly known as Daev in music circles. Daev aged 25 died in a road traffic accident last Sunday around 14:00 hours with three others on board.
There was only one person who survived but sustained serious injuries. Daev was the driver when the crew met their fate. This was when they were travelling from Chirundu to Lusaka.
It was reported that the accident occurred due to excessive speed and the vehicle burnt as a consequence. It is sad that four lives were lost in the road mishap. Daev was a budding musician, he was talented and came into limelight with the hit song,”Never Been Easy.” The song is loved by many music enthusiasts across the country.
Following his death last Sunday, Social media was awash with messages of condolences as a tribute to this great son of Zambia and the upcoming musician.
The way people eulogized Daev goes to show that many people loved and appreciated his music. He was interred yesterday at Leopards Hill Memorial Park. The burial was preceded by the church service at Cathedral of the Holy Cross. He will be greatly missed by his fans and his music will ultimately outlive him.
Go well Daev. He ran his race and fought his battle. May his soul rest in peace.


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