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If You Want Justice Be Just-Lubinda

IF you want justice, go with clean hands, you can’t say you want justice when you are not just, Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has said.

And Mr. Lubinda has urged Zambians to sow the seed of peace for peace to continue prevailing in the country.
The Justice minister further assured Zambians that peace would continue to reign in Zambia contrary to threats from unpatriotic Zambians that the country would experience chaos during the 2021 general elections because the hand of God was upon the nation.
“All those making threats that you will see in 2021, there is nothing that we will see, God will continue to provide peace for Zambia,” he said.
Mr. Lubinda was speaking yesterday during the Fundraising Sunday mass of the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) Mine congregation and Commemoration of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting in Kabwe district.
The minister urged Zambians to continue praying for national peace and that they should unite for peace to continue prevailing in the country.
And Mr. Lubinda said the government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu would continue to take development to all parts of Zambia.
President Edgar Lungu, through the Justice minister, donated an undisclosed amount of money towards the construction of the reverend’s house. Handing over the donation, Mr, Lubinda said he would not disclose the contribution from the Head of State because the bible clearly states that when the right-hand gives, the left hand should not know.
RCZ Reverend, Harrison Lungu called on Zambians to be promoters of peace especially that the country was heading for the 2021 general elections.
Rev. Lungu said Zambians should endeavor to engage in things that promote peace and unity because greater things happen when peace reigns in the country.
Speaking earlier, RCZ fundraising committee chairperson, Ackim Phiri said as a church they would continue to provide counsel and support to the government and pray for those in leadership for the prosperity of the country.


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