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More want Intercontinental Livingstone sale probed separately

MORE political leaders have backed calls for the privatisation of Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone to be investigated separately because it was a clear act of corruption and criminality.
According to stakeholders, the matter of the hotel should not be combined with the proposed Commission of Inquiry to probe the entire privatization of state firms.
The consortium of political parties and Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president, Danny Pule, said individuals who enriched themselves through the fraudulent sale of the hotel should be exposed.
Dr Pule said investigating the sale of Intercontinental Hotel separately would help ascertain what exactly happened without mixing issues.
He said that there was need to ensure that Zambians get to know what transpired during the privatisation and if there was criminality involved.
Dr Pule said this was not meant to target an individual but ensure issues were placed in proper perspective.
He said in an interview yesterday that if the findings would be that it was bought dubiously then it should be forfeited to the state.
Dr Pule said companies which were dubiously acquired must be given back to the Zambian people.
“People have been demanding for this commission of inquiry and the President has to act accordingly in order to satisfy the people,” Dr Pule said.
He said those who were not engaged in illegality would be exonerated.
Meanwhile, Zambian DNA Spuki Mulemwa also called for the probe of International Hotel in Livingstone.
Mr Mulemwa in a separate interview said what was sold belonged to Zambians and answers needed to be provided.
He said: “It will be fine to ensure that what happened was investigated and findings made public.”


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