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Days numbered for criminals, says Kampyongo


WE are shrinking space for all criminally-minded people in Zambia and with the completion of the Safe City Project, their days are numbered, Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has said.

And Mr Kampyongo has disclosed that Construction of the Lusaka Command Centre is about 90 percent complete.

The Safe City Project, under which several surveillance cameras have been installed across the city, has become operational, but yet to be formally inaugurated.

Mr Kampyongo said the Safe City project which is aimed at enhancing security surveillance, secure the life and property of the city’s residents, as well as counter a terrorist activity effectively and efficiently will soon be commissioned by President Edgar Lungu.

He said that once the project was complete, fighting criminals would be very easy in Zambia. The minister said that Police will no longer rely on eye witnesses but would be using scientific analysis to track down and arrest criminals.

“As the name suggests, our desire as Government is to make our city and communities safe. When you hear President Edgar Lungu assuring his people that we are going to ensure that we are going to maintain peace and order of this country, it is because of what we have put in place.

Meanwhile, Safe City Project vice manager Luvious Musonda said the installed surveillance cameras will assist law enforcement agencies to identify and detect vehicle theft, robberies and making identification of criminals, nuisance and violators in the capital city. Mr Musonda said the system was also capable of facial recognition, and can read vehicle registration plates, as well as detect traffic violations and trace violators using the database.

He disclosed that cameras have been installed at around entry and exit points, key intersections, convergence points and near important buildings.


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