Eric Chanda empowers 120 traders


MARKETEERS needed to be fully empowered because they have affected by low business volumes, Munali aspirant Eric Chanda has said

M Chanda who empowered 120 marketeers from Mtendere, Kalikiliki and Kalingalinga markets, said he would continue his empow

He said the PF Government had embarked on various youth and women empowerment programmes across the country to ensure that women in the country were self-reliant.

He said he would also ensure that people at grassroots level were empowered because mobilization drive was on helping people on the ground.

 “Over K36, 000 has been given to the women in the three markets as a revolving fund and I am doing this because I am coming from the background of being raised by a marketer. Therefore, every marketer should be empowered,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda also praised two senior citizens and gave them K1,000 each to add up on their small business they had been doing.


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