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‘Explain HH interview’

By Nation Reporter

POLICE have been challenged to come clean on the killing of two people in Lusaka and explain why they had called UPND leader for interviews, yet nothing has come of it and no action taken.

The MMD has demanded that the nation should be told the truth and whether revelations by FDD leader Edith Nawakwi who produced relevant documentation at the Sunday press briefing, had any bearing on the case over which Police had summoned Mr Hichilema.

The  police must not let the killing of state prosecutor, Nsama Nsama and United Party For National Development (UPND) supporter, Joseph Kaunda be in vain, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has demanded.

And the MMD has further demanded that the police makes public the reasons why they summoned UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema to police force headquarters which led to the killing of the two so that the people could make their opinion whether the summoning was worth it or not.

Party National secretary, Reverend Reuben Sambo said in an interview that the police should ensure justice is served by making sure that investigations into the killings are concluded and culprits brought to book.

Rev. Sambo said the police are on record of shielding their colleagues even when people are shot dead by a live bullet during protests.

He explained that the failure by the police to name those who shot   Mr. Nsama and Mr Kaunda in the report on the killings which they submitted to President Edgar Lungu was proof that their interest was to project their colleagues.

“The police must make sure that the death of two innocent citizens is not in vain, the absence of naming the killer in the report tells you that their interest is to protect their friends and they are on record of protecting their fellow police officers every time there is a protest or demonstration and someone dies from a bullet,” he said.

And the MMD national secretary said the police should make public the reasons why they summoned Mr Hichilema for the people to form their opinion whether it was worth it or not.

Rev. Sambo said what the UPND disclosed were the reasons for summoning Mr. Hichilema shortly after the interrogations are exactly what Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President, Edith Nawakwi said on Saturday during a media briefing in Lusaka.

He however said the people are eager to hear from the police what exactly transpired during the interrogations and   the outcome of the meeting at the police force headquarters on that fateful day.

Rev. Sambo has suggested that the matter be handed over to private investigators if the Zambia police feel their hands are tied in order for justice in the killing Mr. Nsama and Mr Kaunda to prevail.

Meanwhile, opposition Ms Nawakwi has maintained Hakainde Hichilema should still answer charges of criminal liabilities pertaining to the way he acquired property belonging to the poor farmers in Kalomo, reports Smart Eagles.

Mrs. Nawakwi told journalists at the media briefing that attempts by the   UPND leader to compel the victims to withdraw the appeal case was highly suspicious.

Mrs. Nawakwi said HH could not have acquired the property which belonged to the deceased person when the law that governs the administration of estates suggest that the property belonging to the deceased cannot be acquired in the manner HH acquired it.

She said the property in question belonged to Lima bank and the mortgage was never discharged by the authorized officers from the Ministry of Lands but the company which employed Mr Hichilema.

She explained that the document filed by Mr Hichilema explaining how he acquired the property are marred with acute irregularities.

She said the presence of irregularities in the documents suggest illegal acquisition of the property and wondered how the document could be acquired in one day and the person who issued the document was now Mr  Hichilema’s lawyer Marshal Muchende. She has since urged the police to intensify the probing the process in which Mr Hakainde acquired the land with possible criminal activities

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