2021 is ours, says UNIP

Mon, 09 Jan 2017 13:18:24 +0000


By Aaron Chiyanzo

UNIP has predicted that it will form government in 2021 because of the robust mobilization by party members and support the party has been receiving across the country, deputy secretary general Alfred Banda has said.

Rev Banda said that he was confident that UNIP would scoop the 2021 general elections because support for the party had grown in the recent past.

He said in an interview with Daily Nation that the party had robustly mobilized members and organized its structures.

Rev Banda reiterated that UNIP already had a plan of action which the party had been following judiciously and that recruitment had taken center stage in the party.

He pointed out that UNIP was a mass organization that was united and that all the members in their different structures shared the same zeal for development.

Rev Banda said that his party was ready for 2021 and that they would participate in all the elections that would arise.

“We are preparing for our annual renewal of membership and mobilization. We already have a plan of action that we are following and recruitment also takes centre stage because we are a mass organisation. Come 2021 UNIP will form government; we are ready and will contest every election that might come,” he said.

Rev Banda said that the essence of every political party was to participate in any election that might arise and should always be ready.

He said UNIP structures across the country were intact and that the population had grown significantly.

Rev Banda advised members of the party to remain united and support the leadership of party president Tilyenji Kaunda.

He urged the members to remain focused and help mobilize the party in order to increase the membership and support for the party.


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