Adhere to Cabinet decisions, Missions abroad told

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 IT IS important to adhere to Cabinet’s decision to acquire property in Missions as this will ultimately reduce on Government expenditure on accommodation, Mortgage Financing Committee team leader to Australia Eunice Luambia has said.

In a statement made available by First Secretary at the Zambia High Commission in Canberra, Australia Alick Banda, Ms Luambia commended the efforts by the Commission in Australia in trying to find suitable and appropriate accommodation for the Mission.

She said that the High Commission was doing everything possible to secure permanent accommodation for the Chancery and Residence of the High Commissioner to Australia.

Ms Luambia, who is also a director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that the efforts to secure property for the Chancery were in line with Cabinet’s decision for the Missions to acquire property in Missions abroad.

“It is important to adhere to Cabinet’s decision to acquire property in Missions as this will ultimately and to a large extent reduce on Government expenditure on accommodation,” she said.

Ms Luambia pointed out that once all appropriate requirements, measures and logistics were put in place, Missions like Australia would be able to reduce expenditure on accommodation.

Meanwhile, the High Commissioner to Australia George Zulu expressed gratitude to the Mortgage Financing Committee’s visit to Australia.

Mr Zulu expressed hope that in due course, the Mission should acquire the property as a matter of importance.

“Zambia’s Missions here in Australia is only one year old. The Mission is doing everything possible to settle and do its best. We shall work hard towards fulfilling the necessarily requirements and get permanent and appropriate accommodation for Zambia’s Mission in Australia,” he said.

The Mortgage Financing Committee from Zambia, was in Australia for a few days to ascertain the feasibility of mortgage and other financing options that would enable the Mission acquire property.

They also visited several structures and areas deemed suitable for the Mission.

The Team included experts from the Ministry of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Works and Supply.


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