Agricultural Plants are a Source of Good Health 

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By Makeli Phiri       

Agriculture is the main stay of every nation, whether it is done on a smaller scale or bigger scale, the bottom line is the country must have food and food in abundance.

The idea of citizens not getting sick is not new and is currently in vogue. Should we refer to the Bible, when human life began the Creator never intended that mankind be sick at all. Our Creator purposed perfect health for everyone.

The question is. Why do we all suffer from sickness and disease? Well this has to do with man’s quest to come up with products that he thinks are the best for him. Therefore, with such ideas in his mind or heart, has altered what God deemed suitable and perfect for mankind into what may be termed the quest to produce abundant food. Again from the Bible we are told that God made the parents of all mankind, Adam and Eve, perfect and so were all plants and animals. And God saw what he had made as very good.

Our creator never intended that human life be plagued with disease and death. But when the parents of mankind abandoned the way of life laid down for them they fell into sin. The result of which was death and this has been passed on to all humans Genesis 1:31 and the book of Romans 5:12 adds to the same.

What am I trying to say? In the hope of trying to produce a lot of food though improved agricultural we have disturbed what was originally the ideal or perfect chemical substances found in the original plants at that time to something that is only a resemblance of the original chemicals. When plants were made or created they had to grow to full maturity before man could temper or attempt to eat them.

The chemical substances in them at that time were the proper chemicals ideal and perfect for human use naturally without side effects.

Today man is consuming food which has not fully matured and chemical substances in them has not been fully blended or perfected by nature us to utilize. When I was growing up, my mother was a back yard farmer in other words a gardener. She never allowed anybody to pluck pumpkin leaves for eating before the plant had produced flowers and fruits. Our parents understood nature.

Eating immature plants disturbed and continue to disturb our health because the chemical substances in them is and has not yet been perfect for humans. In addition to this, eating the young plants means disturbing the future of that plant, it would not produce seed for continuity of its existence. In the end it is man himself who suffers – shortage of food.

Through agriculture man is and able to produce a lot of food to feed the millions of people. Man has altered or modified God given plant food to grow very fast and in a very short time. The growth pattern of these food crops has changed hence, what we are now calling genetically modified organisms. The plants that are meant for food have been changed so that they mature quickly and ready for the market in a very short time. This growth pattern has been passed on to mankind who is dependent on them as food. Man has responded by depending on these as food he is growing big and faster, this life span has been affected because the chemical substances found in these plants do not blend well within our bodies. Look around, children look older than their actual ages. All this is pointing at what man has done to the natural plant.

God has not abandoned the original purpose for man and the earth, but wants his purpose to restore obedient humans to their original state of good health. Man in many ways has not appreciated what our Creator wants from us. Hence, the things we are doing and killing ourselves slowly through the modification of God’s given natural foods.

Let the natural food not altered be the medicine and that medicine be the food. Eating and growing non genetically modified foods is the key to good health, but with the changing eating habits it will take decades to accept and go back fully to natural foods. It is pleasing to know that most of our rural dwellers depend mostly on natural foods growing naturally in the surrounding bushes and forests. Town dwellers want fast foods hence the so many health problems being encountered and seen all over.

There is nothing wrong in agriculture in letting the food crops grow naturally. The only problem as of now, man wants to make quick money for himself. Go around the corner any city or township or even in our own markets you shall find small green lemons on sale, the chemical substances that is, its natural fruit chemical substance has not as yet changed to the perfect chemical for the plant to ripen as nature has programed. Not long time ago farmers were growing “Baby corn” this was maize not nature as nature programed and people would eat and export thinking that health would improve eating immature crop and of course for income purposes.

Man indeed can destroy himself. We salute farmers growing crops without the aid of chemicals that is chemical fertilizers, these equally contribute to the growth pattern of our food crops.

Compost or natural manure is perfect for any food crop consumed by man. The compost or manure supplies the necessary nutrients to these plants for healthy growth. The main source of human food can be referred to the book of Genesis as already mentioned. Here it says plants that bear seeds, grains, and in a broader sense, legumes, fruits from trees and vegetables, these constitute the ideal diet for the human species.

There is no other diet that can produce good health. In all the human life, vegetables and indeed plants in general are the most suitable and healthful food. The beneficial substances found in these plants is undiluted have nutritional and healing substances that are needed by human. The plants which have not been tempered with by man are the most ideal food provided by our Creator. It is therefore, the basis of human nutrition as well as the most important source of health producing materials continue to be fruits, grains, seeds and vegetables. These provide the best nutrition needed and designed by our Creator.

Today’s plant modification have created and caused disorders and diseases although not all of them, some bring health and healing. All in all genetically modified foods can be said to be potentially harmful and also can of course be beneficial foods.

The farmer has no problem in producing any type of crop. It is the end user, those of us who consume these products from the farms who should understand foods well in order for us to maintain our health which is so threatened today. Our government keeps on say let us do away with genetically modified food, it is because the government has realized what problems genetically modified cause to human health. Therefore, it has to begin with the farmer to grow crops that contain beneficial substances in their most natural state.


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