All RTSA payments go online

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 10:47:35 +0000


 PAYMENTS for the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) services will now be done online following the adoption of a U$ 23 million investment online service deliver called “Electronic Zambia Transport Information System (e-ZAMITS) in a bid to curb corruption.

RTSA services, which will be paid using the new online system include driver’s licence processing, motor vehicle examination and registration and traffic law enforcement among other services.

Speaking during the launch of the programme yesterday, minister of transport and communications Brian Mushimba said e-ZAMITS would improve RTSA’s managerial effectiveness, fight corruption and promote transparency.

Mr Mushimba said government has invested US$ 23 million for the development and installation of the transport information system.

“Government prioritized this investment because we are determined to promote efficiency in the delivery of public services by removing all bottleneck that have encumbered public service delivery in the past,” he said.

Mr Mushimba said the launch should translate into significant improvement in service delivery by RTSA.

He said with the coming of the e-ZAMITS on board there would be improvement and easy of doing business between RTSA and its clients.

“It is expected that transaction cost will come down. We also expect to see a more efficient RTSA and above all a significant reduction in queues in most of our customer service centres. This will be achieved through an e-ZAMITS enabled online transactions such as e-payment and pay points system for all RTSA services,” Mr Mushimba said.

And RTSA board chairman engineer Webster Nonde said the new online payments system would enable to curb corruption at the agency.

The chairman said it would also enhance accountability because RTSA officers would now stop directly engaging in paper and money transactions with the customers.

And RTSA chief executive officer Mr Zindaba Soka, who made presentation of the new system, said it would not be possible under the new system for anybody to forge a driver’s licences.

He explained that the new driver’s licences would unique security features which would be making impossible to have a card forged or bought dubiously.


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