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Sun, 05 Mar 2017 10:27:36 +0000

By Terence Miselo
Hollywood City on Friday night became the hub of entertainment activity as several entertainers mainly musicians besieged the venue for T-Bwoy’s album release party.
Unique and well-attended, the event drew participation from artistes of all sorts of genres, veteran and upcoming, giving the man of the night T-Bwoy, born Tanonga Nswana, enough comfort for his first-ever big launch in his career.
The show was mainly about partying and music performances and for this reason it started after 23:00 hours.
With performances from many supporting artistes in attendance, there was enough evidence of satisfaction amongst the guests who constantly cheered every other performance.
Anchored by Zambia’s renowned MC, Lawrence Banda aka Man Popo and VicMalo not forgetting DJ Andie Stone, the show revealed great performances especially from the likes of T-Sean, Mic Burner, Wacheda, DJ Cozmo, Richy Bizzy, B-Flow, Roberto and Petersen.
There were more and more performances especially from artistes who have one or two songs with T-Bwoy on his latest project. Chef 187, his brother Macky2, James Sakala and ZAM president Njoya Tembo were all in the house to offer the much needed support. All this only showed T-Bwoy has worked with a lot of artistes in his career. The singer also got lots of corporate support with Ambassador’s Wines leading the way by offering free Ambassador Wine bottles to all the fans that purchased the T-Bwoy Dweet CD. When T-Bwoy, turned up for his own performance, the mood was already set for a good show as people had already wined and dined. The artiste did his very best mixing old and new songs. He ended his act with the CBC song of the year ‘I miss you’ featuring Chef 187. Even then, the fans did not leave but rocked till the next day.
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[13:05, 3/5/2017] +260 96 8938484: Nasty D on a double-album project
By Terence Miselo
Musician Davies Gersom Ngoma famously known as Nasty D is working on a two-album project for the year 2017 to be produced in Zambia and Finland.
Speaking in an interview from Finland where he is finalizing on one part of his project, the ‘Aitaya’ mastermind and king of Zambezi music said the part being done in Finland is produced by Papa Zai.
“Papa Zai is the producer who worked on late Daddy Zemus’ first album, ‘Salaula’. He is the one producing the album in Finland. This one will be called ‘Zambezi Neka fye’,” he said.
Additionally, Nasty explains that the other part of the project is an album produced in Zambia by Elijah Tembo of Kula Studios.
“The other part of the project is the album done in Zambia called Zambezi ‘Nafuti Nafuti’. It has already been completed and has a video for one song called ‘Osanisokoneza’ that premiered on ZNBC on Thursday night,” adds Nasty D who is expected back in the country on the 11th of March.
The album in Finland is being done by Secret Lab Studio in Helsinki and sound engineered by Tomppa who also plays bass guitar in the live studio project. Others on the project include Teddy on guitar, Arrtu on drums, Papa Zai on keyboards and Nasty D himself on percussions and vocals.
Charles Luneta played guitar on the Zambian project.


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