Ballad Zulu releases ‘Nyekese’

Fri, 13 Jan 2017 09:15:41 +0000


By Terence Miselo

Those from what people call old school will relate the name Ballad Zulu to that traditional classic hit ‘Cook On’ that eminently introduced him on the local music scene. Of course at that time, probably in the late 80s and early 90s, Ballad had already set a mark on sticking to authentic music. A lover of the guitar and live music instruments, he went ahead and produced several other tracks in the later years including two other classics ‘Ku Ndola’ and ‘Alilele’.

This music surely put him at a certain level away from the trending computerized productions and won him lots of cabaret performances especially in local venues that insist on authentic live performances. He is one musician that enjoys the tag of veteran but of course takes time to release new music. This is entirely based on the fact that he is an all-round musician that believes music must last a lifetime and relate to people’s social aspects and culture.

For this reason, Mr. Ballad Zulu is back for the year 2017 with a new single titled ‘Nyekese’. This is a song especially dedicated to sportsmen and women that he feels plays a huge role in uniting Zambia as a country. ‘Nyekese’ is an afro-ballad with influential guitars typical of Ballad Zulu’s music. It also has that soft Rhumba feel with rich vocals. ‘Nyekese’ is essentially some feel good music, soft and soothing. The song was released early this week and is available online with an impressive count on downloads.


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