‘Belinda’ cost me Chongwe seat-Masebo

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:49:49 +0000

I lost my Chongwe parliamentary seat because I was branded a prostitute prominently known as ‘’Belinda’’ and a witch who turned into a snake by PF parliamentary candidate, Japhen Mwakalombe, UPND Parliamentarian candidate Sylvia Masebo has claimed.

Ms Masebo alleged that she was accused of being a political prostitute who moved from one political party to the other and that she did not even have a husband and kids and could not look after the voters well, she said that really affected her candidature because Chongwe was a traditional and cultured area so matters of prostitution and marriage were taken very seriously.

This is in a case in which Ms Masebo 53 of Ibex Hill in Lusaka is petitioning the election of Lusaka Province Minister Mr Mwakalombe and wants the court to nullify his election because of malicious and vicious propaganda which Mr Mwakalombe, his party supporters and the PF used against her prior to the August 11 elections.

Ms Masebo explained before High Court Judge Getrude Chawatama that Mr Mwakalombe went round during campaigns telling people that they should not vote for the UPND because the party President Hakainde Hichilema was a Satanists who did not belong to any church and that he was involved in ritual killings. Ms Masebo said she was not the one who instructed the officers to shoot dead innocent people  in the Kampasa area of Chongwe but that she was the one who convinced the owner of Galaun farms to leave part of the land for the residents and that she was given 20 acres of land.

She said that really affected her campaigns in the area because  it was very difficult for her convince the voters because the issue had gone viral on media Ms Masebo added that another malicious propaganda which affected her candidature was when the PF allegedly threatened the electorates that they would never be given fertilizer if they supported the UPND candidate.

She said that really had a negative effect on her candidature because most people in Chongwe relied on farming so they got scared of voting for the UPND because they risked losing fertilizer. The matter continues up to Saturday 29 with 23 witnesses to testify.


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