Bishop Mambo attacks Luonde

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IT is outrageous to attack Catholic Bishops for meeting with President Edgar Lungu at State House because they have always been non-partisan, says former Church of God overseer Bishop Mambo.

Reacting to attacks by Father Richard Luonde on the Catholic Bishops who recently paid a courtesy call on President Lungu at State House, Bishop Mambo said there was nothing wrong with Catholic bishops seeking audience with President Lungu.

He wondered why other clergymen were not condemned when they visited the Head of State yet it became an issue when the Catholic bishops did so.

He said since independence, Catholic bishops had played an integral part in the affairs of the country in providing checks and balances to those in power as evidenced by its move to block first Republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s move to introduce scientific socialism adding that pointing fingers at each other reduced the effectiveness of the church in national building.

He said the Catholic Church in Zambia had been known to be non-partisan and had been in the forefront supporting development in the nation.

Bishop Mambo pointed out that Fr Luonde did not condemn the Anglican bishops when they visited President Lungu at State House but wondered why he was fuming cover the Catholic Bishops visiting the President.

“I wonder why Fr Luonde is now condemning the Catholic Bishops for visiting President Lungu when he was quiet when the Anglican bishops visited the president. The Catholics have been known to be non-partisan” he said.

Bishop Mambo said that the Catholic Church in Zambia had been instrumental in ensuring that the lives of the poor people were uplifted.

He pointed out that the Catholic Bishops had every right to meet with President Lungu and that they had a lot of development issues to discuss with President Lungu.

He explained that the men and women of God were supposed to be number one advisors to the Head of State and that not everyone who visited State House should be branded a job seeker.

He pointed out that people should not always think that persons visiting state house were soliciting for jobs.

Bishop Mambo who is the former Church of God overseer said that church leaders had the duty to see to it that problems affecting the community were eradicated.

“I don’t know why some church leaders are condemning the Catholic bishops who recently visited President Lungu at state house. It’s the duty of the church to advise Government or even the President of national matters, there is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone who goes to State House is looking for a job” he said.

Bishop Mambo pointed out that meeting the Head of State in person also presented them with the opportunity to communicate the immediate challenges that were affecting communities.

He explained that the President was a busy person, having a series of meetings every day but that he understood the importance of including the church in the governance of the nation.

And Bishop Mambo advised the church in Zambia to be united even though they were of different denominations and that they should all take interest in governance issues.

He explained that church leaders had the responsibility of making sure that Zambia was run according to people’s expectations.

Bishop Mambo said that it was only when the church was united that it would be able to offer constructive criticism or advice to Government.

He reiterated that the church should not be reluctant or scared to dialogue with Government on matters affecting Zambians.


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