Calling PF mealie meal smugglers to order

Sat, 11 Feb 2017 09:38:28 +0000

Dear Editor,

In reference to the front page article “PF maize smugglers” in the Daily Nation issue of February 9, 2017, I must say that it amazes me that while the people of North Western Province face shortages and high prices of mealie meal and grope around in poverty and hunger, some PF officials in Mushindano district have allegedly been involved in the smuggling of maize and mealie meal into neighbouring DR Congo where a 25kg bag of the commodity is fetching US$25 apiece.

Strange as it may appear, the same PF officials rarely account for this money in a supposedly transparent manner to the ZRA officials in the district.

My question is if these PF officials continue with this pattern of dodgy business, how long will it take for the people of the underdeveloped Mushindano  district to get the basics of life, affordable mealie meal and modern infrastructure development?

If maize smuggling revenues by PF officials cannot be used to put smiles on the faces of the people of Mushindano and other border towns in Zambia and be accounted for, will legalizing cross-border trade in maize products between Zambia and DR Congo do the trick?

While we hold the governing party officials responsible for the

alleged maize smuggling scam in the region, the local state

administrations are equally culpable because they are not doing enough to stop the vice and sensitize their people on demerits of maize smuggling.

Imperatively, the district commissioners in border towns with DR Congo should wake up and take a leaf from Mushindano district commissioner Benson Ngambo’s patriotism and diligence.

Meanwhile, could the gaffe-prone PF secretary general Davis Mwila take the needful and appropriate measures over the erring party officials in Mushindano of North Western Province?

With immediate effect, he must call these PF mealie meal smugglers to order.

Mubanga Luchembe,



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