Central PF disowns KBF ‘supporters’

Sun, 25 Dec 2016 10:46:33 +0000



THE Patriotic Front leadership in Central province has disassociated itself from a group of people who are issuing statements condemning the firing of former deputy PF elections chairperson Kelvin Fube Bwalya also known as KBF.

Mr Bwalya was fired by his boss Jean Kapata for gross misconduct after he issued statements without her authority.

Some sections of the media have reportedly quoted Adora Nkoma and Gideon Mtonga as PF members in Central province against the dismissal of KBF but provincial chairman Chanda Mutale said that he did not know the duo and challenged them to prove that they were PF members.

According to the duo, they are demanding that KBF be reinstated and have questioned Ms. Kapata’s authority not to have subjected him to a disciplinary hearing but just went ahead to unleash punishment.

But Mr. Mutale said that the matter was beyond any party functionary under the central committee as it was made by a member of the central committee (MCC) and lower organs are expected to abide by the decision.

“Firstly, I wish to state that the said officials are not part of any of the PF structures in the Central province and I challenge them to prove so.

“The matter of KBF dismissal was made by a central committee member madam Jean Kapata and lower organs cannot question that. So for those two people to claim that they are from Central province is a lie,” he said. Mr. Mutale further warned some members who were in the habit of issuing statements purporting to have come from the leadership to portray the party as being unstable to desist from the act as they risked being punished if found.

He reiterated that the party in the province was behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu led central committee and would abide and respect any decisions made.

“Contrary to some people who may be agents of some disgruntled elements who want to cause confusion in the party, the party in Central province is very intact and rallying behind the central committee led by President Edgar Lungu. We shall support all the decisions they make,” said Mr. Mutale.

Meanwhile, sources from the PF in Kabwe district have disclosed that the duo, Ms. Nkoma and Ms. Mtonga ceased to be member of the PF when they joined the Miles Sampa led Democratic Front and sought to be readmitted into the party after Mr. Sampa dissolved his party seeking to get back to the party.

“The two officials are merely political wanderers. They were in the PF but left to join Miles Sampa’s DF and after their leader disbanded the party they also wanted to join but they have not been readmitted. They are residents of Kabwe and merely purporting to be PF members,” said the official who sought anonymity.



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