Chavuma to be connected to national power grid

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 11:07:04 +0000



CHAVUMA district will soon be connected to the national power grid, says district commissioner Benjamin Mufunga

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Mufunga said that the construction of a mini-hydro power station in the district had reached an advanced stage.

He said once Chavuma was connected to national power grid, the district would see a rise in economic activities, thereby creating employment for the local people.

The district commissioner noted that a good number of mining firms had shown interest in investing in the district but were restrained because the diesel power station servicing the town could not sustain their activities.

He appealed to the business community to consider investing in Chavuma because of its geographical location and favourable climatic conditions.

Mr Mufunga revealed that Lake Petroleum company will soon set up the first ever fuel filling station in Chavuma.

“Chavuma is fast growing and once we get connected to the national power grid the district will record a rise in a number of economic activities,” Mr Mufunga said

He also appealed to Zambia National Commercial Bank other banks to consider opening branches in Chavuma, saying currently it was being served by Natsave only.

“A good number of Government workers have to travel to Zambezi to draw their salaries every month end because the bank that we have here has no Automated Teller Machine (ATM). This is a good niche for the banking sector to consider opening branches in Chavuma,” he said.

Mr Mufunga implored investors wishing to invest in the agriculture sector to consider Chavuma because of its good soils and abundant water resources.

“Chavuma has got good soils and receives normal rainfall which makes it an ideal place for farmers wishing to grow rain-fed or irrigated crops,” he said.


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