Chawama residents welcome solar street lights

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 13:27:21 +0000



The installation of solar street lights in Chawama Township has cheered residents in the area who have commended the local authorities for the initiative.

The residents expressed happiness saying that it will help reduce the number of illegal activities as the lights will be lit even when there is no power.

They said streets lights ensured that people did not take advantage of the darkness to conduct illegal activities.

Evans Nkandu a resident in the area said that the installation of the street lights was a welcome move for all the people for it was an indicator of development in the township.

Mr. Nkandu said that having street lights that worked with solar had  a big advantage as it also showed that there was massive development taking place in the area.

He said Chawama was a big township and its population had increased rapidly and hence the idea of beatifying and developing the area was  welcomed by all residents.

Mr. Nkandu said the project  also indicated government desire to take development to the area.

“As residents of Chawama we are happy to have these solar street lights in our township because it is a big step towards the development of the area; it is a sign that our area is being considered for development works and that makes us happy as residents’’, he said.

And Brenda Kabwe cautioned the residents against vandalizing the street lights as they were for the benefit of the community and not the authorities.

Ms. Kabwe said residents needed to take responsibility for the facilities that were being put up for them and ensure that they looked after them.

“”I think as residents we should take it as our duty to ensure that we look after these street lights as if they were in our own yards for Chawama is home for a lot of us and hence the need to protect public property from damage’’, he said.


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