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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) officials and cadres from Ndola are to be dragged to court over alleged encroachment on 3,000 hectares of customary land, says Chief Chiwala of the Lamba speaking people in Masaiti.

Chief Chiwala, who is chairperson of the Lamba-Lima Royal Establishment, has threatened to pursue individuals involved and report them to the Anti-Corruption
Commission (ACC).

“Three thousand hectares of land was grabbed by PF cadres and officials. They allocated themselves plots and sold some portions for huge sums of money and senior civic officials in Ndola district, were beneficiaries.

‘‘This occurred from the year 2012 when PF came into power and it was the period Ndola City Council (NCC ) was labelled the most corrupt institution in the country.


‘‘They know very well where the buck stops and the law is not discriminatory. I am suing everyone involved regardless of the office they occupy,” Chief Chiwala said.

The senior chief said this to Copperbelt permanent secretary Elias Kamanga when he visited his palace.

The traditional leader said the land in question shared boundary with two Ndola constituencies, namely Ndeke and Ndola Central.

He said the price at which the plots had been sold could be estimated by the value of the mansions developed there,  including  one allegedly belonging to the the civic official.

The chief said he was disappointed that people have gone ahead to grab land under his chiefdom with impunity and did not have regard for laws that govern the land.

He wondered how Ndola City Council has even offered title deeds to developers in the area despite having full knowledge of boundaries.

He warned that he would not condone illegality to take centre stage in his chiefdom but will ensure that culprits were dealt with to deter would-be offenders.

“There is so much corruption at the Ndola City Council and this issue started from the time the PF took over power.

They should respect customary land. I will demolish the structures on my land. I will sue them,” he said.

Mr. Kamanga did not respond to the allegation of PF cadres selling customary land but agreed that the road leading to the chief’s palace was in a deplorable state.

“I agree the state of roads leading here is pathetic and unacceptable. We need to do everything within our power to correct it. It is totally unacceptable that Masaiti which is home to many cement and stone industries has such bad roads.

‘‘These investors should do something. It is shameful for investors to do nothing. They need to give back to the community,” Mr Kamanga said.


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