Chiefs must counsel politicians – Chipepo

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 10:14:01 +0000


TRADITIONAL leaders should step up and spearhead the campaign for peaceful and harmonious co-existence among political parties in the country, Chief Chipepo of the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province has said.

Chief Chipepo has called on traditional leaders to bring political party leaders together and counsel them on the importance of co-existence in maintaining the peace that the country had enjoyed over the years.

He said this was important in view of the activities of some political parties who had been preaching hatred, disunity and division among Zambians for their selfish motives.

He feared that the situation was likely to put the country’s peace at risk if not addressed urgently.

The traditional leader was speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday.

He indicated that Zambia’s peace was far much important than any political party, hence the need for peace to be maintained.

“Zambia is known to be a very peaceful country but what is happening now where political parties are attacking each other, issuing alarming statements of hatred and disunity, the peace of the country is at stake,’’ he said.

He said traditional leaders played a huge role in maintaining peace in the country as they were custodians of peace and would help in giving guidance to politicians on issues of peace.

“As traditional leaders I feel we have a huge role to play in ensuring that peace is maintained in the country. We need to sit these political parties down and counsel them. They must understand that Zambia’s peace is more important than politics.

“We need to tell our children in politics that they should in whatever they do always safeguard the peace of the country,” Chief Chipepo said.


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