Church and State are one, says Lungu 

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 06:23:13 +0000



THERE is no conflict of interest between us in Government and the Church because we are partners in development and our interaction demonstrates our unwavering partnership since we serve the same people, President Edgar Lungu has said.

Speaking after attending a church service at Mary Immaculate parish on Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka yesterday, President Lungu said the State and the Church were in partnership because they both served humanity, adding that he did not have a problem going to church because it was a place where he belonged.

He said Government will continue partnering with the Church in all aspects of development, saying there was no separation between the two because the Church was where everyone regardless of who they were belonged.

“We came here to worship because the church is the place where we belong. Those in Government and the church are one because we serve the same purpose in that we serve the same people that the church is serving and so there is no conflict of interest between us and this is a typical example of our partnership.

“Governmnet will continue to partner with the Church in various aspects of development such as health and education. You heard that the Church is talking about helping children with cancer and so there is no conflict of interest because we are partners,” President Lungu said.

Meanwhile, Mary Immaculate Catholic parish members will on 2nd April donate shoes which will be sold to raise money for children living with cancer at UTH through the “Bring a shoe” project.

Project coordinator and missionary McMillan Mulacheya urged members to either donate their own shoes, buy new ones or donate money to support the cause so that patients could be helped.

“This project is called ‘Bring a shoe’ where each one of us is requested to donate a pair of shoes which will be sold to realise money for children with cancer at UTH. If you want, you can buy a new pair of shoes or you can just donate money which will be used for the same cause,” Mr. Mulacheya said.


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