Church warns against false prophets

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GOVERNMENT must protect citizens from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals masquerading as miracle performers and prophets, says the Council of Churches (CCZ).

CCZ general secretary ReverendSuzanne Matale has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to enforce the Society’s Act CAP 119 to ensure that churches operating in the country were effectively controlled.

In  a statement Reverend Matale observed with sadness the increase in the levels of desperation among many Zambians for miracles performed by self-proclaimed prophets and pastors.

She said the council had noted with dismay the high levels of criminality perpetuated by self-acclaimed prophets and pastors who had continued to abuse their followers by demanding huge sums of money and sexual favours in exchange for miracles.

She explained that Christianity was a dignified religion whose followers must live according to Bible  principles which offered direction, advice and wisdom on matters of spirituality.

“We therefore appeal to the people of Zambia to desist from chasing after miracles in an effort to break free from bondage associated with social economic pressures which have raised the need for quick answers,” she said.

The council cautioned Zambians to heed to biblical teaching according to the gospel in book of Matthew, a timely warning for people to be on guard against false prophets who might come as wolves in sheep’s skin.

Meanwhile, Northmead Assembly of God overseer Bishop Joshua Banda said citizens must not be desperate about magicians because they were not part of God. Bishop Banda said the practice of Christianity should be in conformity with the word of God which was descent.

He urged members of the public to be wary and stop being desperate about magicians with their miracles performed to blindfold them.

The clergyman advised citizens to seek God’s guidance first.


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