Congrats Teachers’ Unions

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 12:05:42 +0000

I write to congratulate teachers for finally coming up with one Teachers’ Union called Zambia Teachers Union (ZATU).

The so many union bodies that teachers had become members so irrelevant that most of them never even stood for the Teachers’ welfare as enshrined in their various constitutions.

I hope with their agreement to abolish the various Unions and decide to come up with a single Teachers’’ Union, it will finally bear fruits as expected by the members and not another white elephant union.

Teachers have the responsibility now to support this new Union with zeal it requires for it to succeed to fight for their better working conditions and salaries.

I think this is what unionism should be like. It must be about service to its members and not union executive leaders enriching themselves at the expense of the suffering majority members.

It is evident that union leaders in these splinter unions are just after making money. One wonders as to why there should be a multiplicity of trade unions in the same industry when the workers in that field have similar challenges confronting them.

The mere fact that some Teacher Unions have merged confirms the long standing view that it was and still is not necessary to have more than one Teacher Union in the teaching fraternity.

Wisdom Muyunda



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